Tuesday, June 10, 2014

fame & fortune

When all the Jardine kids got together, I downloaded this music video app. It changed our lives for at least one weekend.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

>>>>>05.09 -05.10.14<<<<<

JC finally got a weekend off of work! His favorite thing in the world is riding dirt bikes, so he planned a dune trip with his friends, and Brian & Kenny were able to come too. 
Brian, Kenny, JC & I camped out on Friday night. It was so much fun camping at the base of the dunes, plus we had the first campfire of the season! Campfires turn things regular meals & conversations into experiences... You know what I mean! 

I love this picture Kenny took! Now that I think of it, he took all of these pics. Thanks brotha! 

It's fun to pretend like I am going to keep up with the buds.

Adrenaline pinching.

JC woke up at about 6 AM Saturday, he was so juiced to ride his new bike! JUICED. He is a 12 year old at heart, that might be one of my favorite things about him. 

After everyone showed up & got all their gear put together, we went on a bunch of rides. I discovered I hate riding in sand. It's a lot more difficult than dirt. I'm so squirrel-y, I feel like like I would go right off a cliff if there was one near by. JC made me practice on a flatter trail, back and forth. I felt bad for him when he was stuck with me because I go about 3 MPH. And I have to stop every 50 ft, just to gather my wits.
 It was good though, I think I'm progressing! 

I have fun just knowing other people are enjoying themselves- is that weird? It was such a fun weekend getting to hang out with JC all day & watch him in his element. I can't wait for another trip!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

>>>> Saturday <<<<

Today I abandoned all the laundry at home & played in Brigham instead. I love going to my hometown, this place just does it for me.

In the afternoon I did some shopping with my mom & sister. The term shopping is used loosely here, there are about three places to shop on Main Street in Brigham. Charming just the same. Anyway I saw a couple taking photos in their wedding garb up at the temple, about a block away. It's always fun to see a bride & I wanted to see the Temple in all of it's spring glory. When we got a little closer I realized the groom was actually Kyle Robertson, the boy I was "in love" with from 1st-4th grade. Like I would spy on him, send him "anonymous" love letters & bake him cakes on his birthdays. And here I was watching him get his pictures taken with his bride. AND we were going to their reception that night. The spying came full circle.
My mom had a pretty good laugh about that.

My mom & I were talking to Valerie (Kyle's mom), we were reminiscing a little bit about the good old days when we lived next door to each other, how we missed it, & all the sudden all three of us had tears in our eyes?! I've tried to sum up this paragraph 100 times, but the only thing to say is we had it good, & we knew it too. Cherish the mems.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


JC & I went to dinner with friends Liz & Adam. We tried out R&R BBQ, as you can see. If you love some good meats, go! I think the pulled pork is my favorite. I tried out this new side braid from a youtube tutorial. It is surprisingly really easy, & I am down with easy... Anyway, while we were eating, this mom walked up to me with her little 3-4 year old daughter & said, "Sorry to bug you, but my daughter thinks you look just like Elsa, so I told her we could come say hi." I was supremely flattered, as Elsa is a really pretty cartoon. I talked to the little lady for a minute & said "These are my day clothes, I left my gown at home! But you look so pretty in that dress." I was really getting her to warm up to me & then I sang "Let it Go". Just those three words, not the whole song. And it was not really singing, it sounded like a joke & I am a terrible singer anyway.. After that she knew I was a phony, I'm sure. But it was still fun for a minute & I'm thinking about trying out for Disneyland.

Monday, May 5, 2014


>>>>five favorite pins from last week<<<<

The first & fourth pictures are from the same house. I can't stop looking at all the photos, because this is so my style, it's pretty much my dream house! Check out the post here if you're interested.


all images via my pinterest